TYT 12.18.13 Hour 1

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Classified CIA report confirmed that torture techniques actually don’t work, but it has been kept in the dark so that we can continue to claim it works.  Democrat Udall is threatening to put a hold on Obama’s nominee, Crass, that refused to follow through by submitting the rest of the classified document on the CIA’s opinion of the techniques.  Even though a judges ruling confirmed that the NSA was breaking the law, establishment refuses to accept it.  Video of CNN’s legal analyst claiming that Snowden is the equivalent of a mass murderer.  Video of Bill Hemmer had former Attorney General Michael Mukasey on to vouch for the NSA’s spying program as well.  Conservative and Birther Larry Klayman has brought forward a lawsuit due to the illegal activities of the NSA.  Although Cenk doesn’t agree with Klayman, he is on the right side of the spying issue.  Videos of Klayman fighting with Don Lemon and Jeffrey Toobin as they paint him as a lunatic on the spying issue.  Video of an art critic from New York magazine on CNN ripping George Zimmerman’s artwork apart.  

Brian Schwanke, a Tea Party member, writes that the progressive, atheist left is driving the country to hell, and finds it very important that Christianity rules the country. He has also been caught with a large amount of child pornography. His email that he used on some child porn forums was “hornypastor.”  A Tea Party member tweets that no other race has been mistreated in this country more than the Irish, and that blacks should stop complaining.  Police officer in Pleasantville, NY writes a facebook post stating that he is surprised how Obama is still alive, hoping he dies, calling him a “Commie Muslim.”

Bill O’Reilly gave a litany of successes that his fight for Christmas has won, declaring that they won the War!  This conversation came right after Fox News went to a commercial break with a full page graphic reading, “Happy Holidays!”  After a Atheist group put an anti-Christianity billboard up in Times Square, a NY State Senator compared the people that did it to Nazis.

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