TYT 12.12.13 Hour 1

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Gun control is discussed one year after the Newtown shooting. Since then, 109 gun laws have been passed. 39 of them tightened the gun laws, while 70 loosened them. Cenk does some WOLFPAC updates. He does some shoutouts for supporters. Megyn Kelly on Santa Claus and race is discussed. In response to people saying they want to see a black santa, she says Santa is white, and that it is what it is. Cenk throws some knowledge at us, giving us a brief history of Santa Claus, who is actually from modern day Turkey. Historical paintings of people from Bethlehem are shown, most of whom are from a browner skin tone. Brian Fisher says that the founding fathers meant freedom of religion only for Christianity. Judaism, Islam, and all other religions are not covered. Cenk brings up a quote by Thomas Jefferson, saying that the US government is in no way based on the Christian religion. The Obama Mandela Memorial Selfie controversy. Andrea Peyser from the New York Post writes an erotic novelesque column about what she perceived to be happening between Obama and the Danish PM. Bob Barker’s spot in David Jolly’s Florida campaign ad. Obamacare updates- people who have been vehemently opposed to it are signing up. Kim Horcher joins us for a Twitter Storm.
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