Announcing The 24 Hour LIVE Turk-a-thon Extravaganza

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CLICK HERE to watch:

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– We are having a 24 hr show on Thursday, Dec 5th! That’s right, a 24 hr show featuring Cenk and Ana plus all of your favorite TYT hosts.

– It’s the last day of the Indiegogo campaign that’s already raised over $250,000 so we want to thank our fans with a 24 hour show as we sprint to the finish line and surge to our stretch goal of $350,000.

– Cenk will launch the 24 hours with his usual political hour, followed by the Cenk and Ana hour.
– We will continue the show all thru the evening, into the night, thru early morning and the next day, with Jimmy Dore, Dave Koller, Steve Oh, Dave Rubin, John Iadarola, Kim Horcher …
– There will be lots of interactions with fans via twitter, phone, and perhaps Google hangout
– There will be trips down memory lane with awesome pics from years ago
– Each host will bring you stories from around the world in his or her own unique voice
– There will be competitions, drinking, and all around fun

– We wanted to raise $250,000 to build our studio; we’ve reached that goal so thank you so much!
– We want to now reach our stretch goal of $350,000 so we can put in a STAGE 2, which would allow us to do more shows and give us more flexibility
– This campaign has been a huge success and we are so grateful ….


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  3. Please please archive the show in chunks for the members to watch later! It must live forever on the intertubes!

  4. If I can get Friday off, I will pledge to stay up all 24 hours and pimp my friends and live tweet my followers to donate as well. #IamTYT #TooStrong

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