November 22, 2013 Hour 2

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Cenk, Ben, John, and RJ Eskow hosting today.  Talk about the JFK assassination since today is the 50th anniversary.  Videos of the original news updates that broke into As the World Turns on CBS.  Talk about the symbol of hope that Kennedy represented.  Discussion of potential conspiracies surrounding the assassination.

Pennsylvania police chief Mark Kessler is back in the news after proposing to build a private militia to form under him for a fee.  He’s created t-shirts that read, “Liberals take it in the ass.”  Mary Landrieu’s opponent ran a picture of her as Mussolini, calling it MousoLandrieu because she voted to change the filibuster rules in the Senate.  A report has been released that highlighted how big corporations utilize former CIA, NSA, and FBI employees to infiltrate and surveille non-profit watchdog groups looking to keep big businesses in check.

Charles Krauthammer declared that Democrats will rue the day that they changed the filibuster rules since the GOP will take the rules and run even further.

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