November 21, 2013 Hour 2

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Study on bitchiness (indirect aggression) in women, and the evolutionary roots. Women are more likely to stifle the sexuality of women who are more sexually promiscuous because they are endangering their resources (sex). When the study was done to men, men cared more about wealth. The app “Are You Interested” is discussed – and the races that get responded to the most, and least. White guys have it the best, black and asian guys have it the worst. Asian men are more likely to respond to latinas. Men in general are more likely to respond.

Kanye West’s “Bound 2” music video is discussed, packed with CGI horses and simulated sex. Ana now understands the hatred for Kanye West. Army is doing a PR in order to integrate women into combat roles. They specified that they want less attractive women, because “ugly women appear more competent”. In their advertisements, they put average looking women to reflect this message. Religious organization in Kansas is suing schools for teaching evolution, which they are considering as being part of worldwide religious movement.

An autistic boy that has been bullied by kids at school is now being bullied by the bulliers parents, who are making excuses for why the kid was bullied. George Zimmerman’s girlfriend has spoken to local news about her experience with him. She said he was depressed after receiving the not guilty verdict.

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