October 28, 2013 Hour 2

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Ana Kasparian joins Cenk for the second hour. Cenk reads #TYTLive tweets. In the wake of the racial profiling incident at Barney’s in New York City in which Trayon Christian was held because he was thought not to be able to afford a $350 belt presumably because he is black. Jay Z has not responded to the incident. Jay Z’s silence is unexpected because he has an upcoming partnership with Barney’s to raise money for his charity. The TYT Supreme Court issues their rulings. Jullianne Hough catches some harsh criticism for dressing up in blackface for a Halloween party by going as Crazy Eyes, a character from Orange is the New Black. Why is Hough so surprised by the outrage? The TYT Supreme Court weighs in on the controversy. Chris Brown has been arrested for felony assault after allegedly attacking a man outside of a hotel. Chris Brown has a lengthy and documented history of violent behavior. Will Chris Brown finally get the same punishment a nameless violent perpetrator would receive?

Cenk gives an Indiegogo campaign update and reads #TYTLive tweets. Steven Furtick, the pastor of a mega church in North Carolina, has built a 16,000 square foot McMansion. The pastor called the new house “a gift from god”. Yet another pastor in the long list of Christian-leader hypocrisy. After a fake drug raid in which drugs were planted on a fifth grader in Brazil, drug finding dogs viciously attacked the boy. The fake raid was designed to teach students the consequences of drug use. The low wages and high CEO compensation in the fast food industry has many hidden costs to society and taxpayer.

The American Council on Science and Health, an “independent” research organization, has been revealed to be secretly financed by many large corporations, explaining the organization’s pro-industry findings. Some of the organization’s backers include Chevron, Coca-Cola, Bristol Myers Squibb, Dr. Pepper, Bayer, McDonald’s and many other destructive corporations.

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