The Young Turks 10.24.13 Hour 2

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Ana Kasparian joins Cenk for the second hour. John Pike, the UC Davis police officer caught in a viral video pepper spraying  peaceful protesters in the face during the Occupy Movement, received a larger settlement than the students he assaulted. The settlement was awarded for psychiatric stress from public backlash. Russell Brand gets fired up in a BBC interview with a pompous and dismissive Jeremy Paxman. Brand seems to have done more research prior to the interview than Paxman given Brand is extremely politically aware and should not have been underestimated. After disclosing a resolved pill abuse problem to a care provider and not complying with recommendations to prevent future drug abuse, a pregnant woman in Wisconsin was arrested and forced in to further treatment. The action was taken under a pro-life law designed to protect the “rights of the fetus” which seem to me more important than that of the woman.

Check out the upcoming TYT interview with Oliver Stone. A conservative Utah state representative in conjunction with the political group Mormon mom’s are fighting for medical cannabis to treat epilepsy in children. George Washington University replaced low-income students with wealthier applicants according to an expose by the student-run paper. Major airlines are planning on adding an additional seat per row in their coach sections. This will result in much less space for each coach passenger, approximately 11” across.

The elderly are starting to sext. God help us all. According to a recent study, 24% of 50-75 year olds have engaged in sending nudie pics. A Tea Party leader is misguidedly filing a class action lawsuit to combat the spread of homosexuality.

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