September 30, 2013 Hour 2

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Ana Kasparian joins Cenk for the second hour. Marina Shifrin uploaded a fun dance video to YouTube to quit her job at a Taiwanese media outlet. A pastor in Brazil delivering a speech during an evangelical event had two lesbian women kissing in protest removed from the audience and arrested by the police. A Saudi Arabian “scientific” study warns that driving can cause damage to women’s pelvises and ovaries. #Science

Cenk reads #TYTLive tweets. Why does the narrative of Breaking Bad and the character of Walter White resonate so deeply with Americans? Montgomery, Texas police officers illegally break in to a woman’s home on marijuana possession suspicions for their own YouTube show called “Texas Takedown”. New handcuffs with built-in taser technology is in development. Is this really necessary?  The Dallas County Police department gets a surplus military tank. The militarization of the civilian police force continues.

Cenk reads #TYTLive tweets. Giant killer hornets in China chase victims for hundreds of meters. Dozens have been killed. A man in Washington attempted to kill his 4 year old son by injecting him with heroin and other drugs after a bitter divorce.


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