August 22, 2013 Hour 2

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Cenk and Ana Hosting SCS. Worker struck by lightning at a creationist museum in Kentucky.

Two Christian radio hosts equate the acceptance of homosexuals in the boy scouts with giving merit badges for pedophilia, incest, sodomy, and cannibalism etc. There is a porn moratorium in Los Angeles after an adult film star tested positive for HIV. The porn star, Cameron Bay most likely contracted the virus in a personal relationship and not while filming. There is a 3 month lag between exposure and a positive HIV test. The Marijuana Policy Project released a PSA explaining that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. It was set to be aired during a NASCAR event, but the ad had to be pulled due to outside pressure. FIU is suspending its PIKE frat after misconduct including creep-shots being posted on Facebook and selling of adderall.

TYT Shoutouts. Promo for TYT Meetups. Rapist sues for custody of child. Paternal rapists can sue for custody in 31 states. The Heritage Foundation and other conservatives are trying to appeal to young people by releasing memes. The SFFD is banning helmet cams for firefighters after a picture of a victim was leaked online. The host of Weekend Edition on NPR tweeted about his mother dying. Is this narcissism or is this a sincere expression and attempt to form community over a universal experience?


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