August 19, 2013 Hour 2

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Update on the murdered 19 year old man in Toronto, by the police. The officer that shot him has turned himself in and will face 2nd degree murder charges.  2 female Russian track athletes kissed on the podium while accepting their medals to protest the anti-gay laws in the country.

Chris Christie will sign a law that bans gay conversion therapy.   Researchers found that children with higher IQs were more likely to use drugs later in life.  A new software forces new employees to pay attention to orientation videos by scanning the subject’s eyeballs, determining if they are actually watching.  According to a customer’s tweets, armed guards monitored Maryland moviegoers that went to see Oprah’s new movie, The Butler, but ignored audiences that went to see Kick Ass 2.  LeBron James posted an Instagram video of a police escort leading him to a Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z concert in Miami due to the extreme amount of traffic.

The owner of a bulletproof vest company that was contracted to supply the U.S. military scammed the prices and made tons more than he was supposed to.  He has been found guilty and convicted, will spend 17 years in prison.  Over the counter drugs have been limited more and more due to the huge increase of meth labs that use ingredients found in these drugs.


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