August 13, 2013 Hour 1

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Cenk hosting today.  Now that Bill DeBlasio is leading the Democratic primary for mayor of NYC, Cenk talks about how he predicted he would probably win after his Stop & Frisk ad.  Cenk also takes credit for being right on the sequester.  Video of Louie Gohmert’s disdain for the DOJ’s decision to stop giving minimum sentences to non-violent drug offenders that are tying up our prison system and doing no one any good.  After the Voting Rights Act was struck down, North Carolina immediately sprung into action to disenfranchise young & minority voters because they’re less likely to vote Republican.  The Governor defended the new laws by exhibiting his utter lack of knowledge of the laws in the state.

Since tons of potential presidential candidates are flocking to important primary states for 2016, Rick Santorum spoke to a crowd in Iowa claiming that the term Middle Class is Marxist.  Sen Ted Cruz’ father also spoke before him at a pre-pre-pre campaign event in Iowa where he connected Obama to Castro, gay rights to Socialist takeovers, and fear of ObamaCare.  Rep Steve King continues his Mexican-immigrant racism by claiming that Latinos come from a violent civilization, and bringing them in will make ours more violent.

Laura Ingraham went on Fox & Friends to vehemently disagree with the NY judge’s ruling against Stop & Frisk.


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