July 16, 2013 Hour 2

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Ana joins Cenk for SCS.  NY Times article about how collegiate women are embracing the hookup culture rather than looking to settle down.  A couple was caught on tape having sex on the BART in Northern Cali.


A disturbing video surfaced of a Korean woman being abused at a club by three men on tape.  The reaction to the video is just as bothersome.  Kanye West has teamed up with a clothes designer to develop a line of clothes that includes a white t-shirt for $120.  The Boy Scouts is banning its overweight scouts from the annual Jamboree event.  Ana has mixed feelings on this.  A 5 year old little girl was kidnapped and was saved by a couple of teenaged boys that tracked the abductor down.  McDonalds created a spreadsheet for expenses their employees should follow in order to make the money stretch from paycheck to paycheck.  The results are astounding.  Cenk doesn’t blame McDonalds, while Ana goes off on their pay plan.


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