June 25, 2013 Hour 2

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Ana joins Cenk for SCS.  Conservative talkers like Glenn Beck and Laura Ingraham are out defending Paula Deen.  The Texas House passed serious anti-abortion laws that has put it near the top with such rigid legislation.  A Texas Democrat is filibustering the bill.   One female Republican claimed that a rape kit cleans out a woman that has been raped, so abortions aren’t necessary in instances of rape.  A survey found that 23% of kids in the U.S. are living in poverty.  Ana compares this to “Rich Kids of Instagram.”  People in their 30s are much worse off than the same age group in 1983; their income is down 21%.


TYT Live responses.  A police officer forced a woman to lift her shirt, shake her bra, and expose herself, under the guise searching her.  Many of Monica Lewinsky’s intimate items are being auctioned off by a former lover of hers.  John Wayne Bobbitt told a tabloid that he’s gotten more sex with women due to his severed penis story.


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