June 17, 2013 Hour 2

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Ana joins Cenk for SCS stories.  Miss America pageant last night produced some quote-worthy answers from some of the contestants.  In an effort to reach out and connect with young Americans, Republicans think they should crack jokes about abortion.


TYT Live readings.  Patriots owner Robert Kraft revealed that Vladimir Putin stole his Super Bowl ring right in his face.  The White House told Kraft to say that it’d help diplomatic relations if he said he gave it to them.  TYT Supreme Court, story of a man that was wrongfully convicted of rape and served 24 years in prison, eventually rewarded millions of dollars.  He and his wife got divorced 10 years into his sentence after she supported him for several years.  She’s now looking to get a chunk of the settlement money.  An LA Superior Court is ordering the woman that made a false rape allegation against the star football player in her high school, pay the school $2.2 million that she was rewarded.  Story of an old couple that has been married for 70 years.  Their quotes about each other are surprising.  The Hands on Children Museum expelled a lesbian couple’s membership by denying their discounted price due to the fact they don’t consider them a family.  After they caught some grief, the museum is complaining of being discriminated against.


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