June 6, 2013 Hour 1

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Cenk hosting. Three scandals broke today.  Surveillance of phone records, mining internet records of citizens, and news on drone strikes.  VIDEO of Obama in 2008 saying as President he would change the Bush surveillance policies.  Story 1: Government looking at all Verizon phone records. Senators Wyden and Udall warned the public about this.  The surveillance was supposed to be on just foreigners, but it turns out it’s on all of us.  VIDEO of Lindsay Graham defending the Administration on this.  Saxby Chambliss has Obama’s back too.  Diane Feinstein quotes defending the Obama spying.  VIDEO clip of Star Wars movie – “This is how liberty dies – to thunderous applause.”


NSA story about spying on all Verizon customers, and probably all telephone carriers.  Richard Wolffe is also supporting Obama. VIDEO of his saying that what was outrageous about Bush was doing this without a warrant; Obama did get a warrant and has been explicit.  VIDEO of Republican Nicole Wallace saying that Obama affirmed Bush policies.  The notion that Obama ran as the anti-Bush is ludicrous.  VIDEO of Pete Williams on NBC predicting that this will lead to a leak investigation.  Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian should be careful. Al Gore Tweeted that this blanket surveillance is outrageous.  Alliance between Civil Libertarians (Rand Paul and Sensenbrenner) and progressives.  NBC reports (corroborates) that the US doesn’t know who it’s killing with the drone program. VIDEO of an Obama speech with statement after statement that is wrong or a lie.


Reports that one of our drone strikes killed about 30 non-combatants.  Obama is not a good person.  Leak about PRISM, NSA tapping into the servers of 9 leading US internet companies to pull the internet records of US citizens.


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