June 5, 2013 Hour 2

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Cara Santa Maria and Jimmy Dore join Cenk for SCS.  A Florida man shot and killed his wife’s lover when he caught them having sex.  He was acquitted based on the Stand Your Ground law after claiming he thought she was being raped.  Houston police chief testified against a former officer for his excessive force on a 15 year old kid.  Photo series, “Porn Stars Without Makeup.”  A senior in high school was turned away from her prom because her boobs were too big and exposed in her dress.


Member Thanks.  Two radio talk show hosts that do a self help show committed suicide in their shared apartment.  Discussion about how big to set your goals.  A visiting professor at NYU tweeted a fat shaming post, connecting it to the ability to finish a PhD program.  James Holmes’ insanity plea was accepted.


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